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Sway Planning

Sway Parish Council is not the planning authority for Sway.  For Sway planning matters the place to go is the New Forest National Park - in particular see their planning pages
However Sway Parish Council is consulted, and invited to comment on any planning applications within Sway Parish.  The members of Sway's new Planning and Transport Committee are Councillors Peter Dance, Ted Fleat, Hugh Marchant (Vice Chair), Alex Pepper, Melanie Seacombe, Stephen Tarling (Chair) and John Warden.  The representatives are: Trees: Cllr. Melanie Seacombe; Community SpeedWatch: Cllr. Hugh Marchant;  and Transport: Cllr. John Warden.  The Planning and Transport Committee meets in public, usually on the second Thursday of the month at Jubilee Field Pavilion.  The next meeting is to be held on Thursday 08th. February 2018 at 7:30pm; 7:15pm to view plans.  This committee first met in August 2012 and there is an updated introduction for Sway residents linked below.
Any planning matters that do not arrive in time for the agenda of a given Planning and Transport Committee will be considered at a subsequent meeting of either the Planning and Transport Committee, or the full Parish Council.
Details of all forthcoming meetings of the Planning and Transport Committee and other Sway Parish Council meetings are now all listed on the Sway Parish Council website meetings page.


Useful contacts if you want to get things done (as a linked MS-Word document updated 16 Feb 2015).

Introduction to the Planning and Transport Committee (MS-Word document with links) V20; 22 Jan 2015

Terms of Reference for the Planning and Transport Committee October 2013 (MS-Word document)

Planning Review and Tips (article from Sway News October 2013 pages 20-21) (MS-Word document)

Boundaries... (article from Sway News February 2014 pages 20-21) (MS-Word document)

Sway Parish Council's response to the NFNPA Local Plan Review initial call for views October 2015 (pdf)

Applications due to be considered at the 08th February 2108 meeting. This table most recently updated on 01st February 2108.



Application title

Tree Preservation Orders and Tree Work Applications:

15 Heron Close  SO41 6ET

Prune 1 x Oak tree.

17 Anderwood Drive  SO41 6AW

Prune 2 x Oak trees.

Forest Farm, Boundway Hill  SO41 6EN

Fell 1 x Turkey Oak tree.

Planning applications and appeals to be considered:

7 Durrant Way  SO41 6DQ

Three storey side extension.

Land east of Woodside, Shirley Holms  SO41 8NL

Stables/storage building.

St James House, St James Road  SO41 6AN

Single storey side extension.

Mount House, Sway Road, Pennington  SO41 8LR


Little Mead, Hollies Close  SO41 6BD

Replacement outbuilding.

Hypro Marine, Mount Pleasant Lane  SO41 8LS

Single storey rear extension; demolition of existing boiler house.

Applications below are for information only (no comments are invited).
Applications below arrived after the agenda was published and will therefore be considered at a later date.

Click here for a summary of the latest Sway Planning Applications, with links to the corresponding New Forest National Park case files.

If you need to apply for planning permission (including working on any tree covered by a Tree Preservation Order) then start at the New Forest National Park Development Control Process pages.  If you are making an application it makes sense to consult New Forest National Park Planning and speak to your neighbours; and do consider popping along to Sway Parish Council meeting to tell us what is coming up.
     In a survey of applications that come up listed under Sway:  56% were granted subject to conditions (which vary from the trivial to the onerous); no objections were raised to 6%; prior notification applied to 3%; approval was granted to 3%; permitted development was noted for 1.5%; there was a temporary grant subject to conditions to 1.5%, objections were raised to 1.5%; the applications were withdrawn for 3%; and those refused totalled 25%.
     Appeals fared less well: of the 28 appeals from Sway over a 5 year period: 7% were allowed; 21% were allowed with conditions (which vary from the trivial to the onerous); 7% were allowed in part (somewhere between everything and nothing);  4% were withdrawn; 7% are not yet decided and 54% were dismissed.


The photo above (Bodgett & Scarper) comes from the Sway Scarecrow Competition 2011.  For safer tradespeople in this area see checkatrade at

If you want to comment on a planning application.
     First find the Planning Application - it's probably easiest to go to the New Forest National Park 'Planning Simple Search Page' at
And if it is recent and in Sway Parish just go down to "Weekly List Search", drop down to Sway and search from the most recent back.  When you find the one you are looking for it may be worth making a note of the application number.
     On the results page: click on the application number itself and you'll get to see all the documents. Down at the bottom of that page there is a link for on-line comments - including support and objections.  It is important to get your comments in to the New Forest National Park Planning Office before the consultation period expires.  The duration of consultation is governed by national law and is usually around 35 days from receipt of the application by the planning authority, so by the time you notice it, timing can sometimes be tight.
     The posting of green notices in the street may happen a while after the application has been received, so for an important application do not rely on this.  Similarly there is no strict direction on who should get letters of consultation.  If you do either see a green notice or receive a consultation invitation it may be worth alerting other neighbours.

If you would like to air your views at a Sway Planning & Transport Committee or Parish Council meeting then please do so - you would be welcome. 
      See the Sway Parish Council website meetings page for the date, time and location of the next meeting and just come along. These meetings usually have a large agenda to get through so comments are usually limited to a few minutes each: from the applicant, from one representative of supporters and from one representative of objectors.
    On the New Forest National Parks Planning pages the 'Details of Planning Application' tab marked 'Documents' will take you to the Case File page and there will usually be a document entitled "Parish Briefing Note".  It may be worth inspecting that if you are coming along to a Parish Council Meeting, since that will be one of the documents being considered.



Archive of agenda and minutes now on the Sway Parish Council website. 

The newly expanded Sway Parish Council website (thanks to Cllr. Marchant) now includes all agenda and minutes (including draft minutes until they are replaced by the fully ratified minutes) from May 2014 onwards on the Planning & Transport Committee Minutes page.  Furthermore there is now an archive page of all previous Planning and Transport Committee agenda and minutes from the first meeting in August 2012 to April 2014.