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Stephen Tarling - Sway Parish Councillor

Sway Housing Need Survey Report;  April 2014 update

Catherine Kirkham, our Rural Housing Enabler has produced the Sway Housing Need Survey Report linked below (03 March 2014 version); having presented it to the public Sway Parish Council meeting on 27 February 2014.

Download the Sway Housing Need Survey Report (03 March 2014: 2MB word document)

Update April 2014:  See also the April 2014 Sway News page 39.  Catherine Kirkham had circulated a draft, and formally presented the Sway Housing Need Survey Report to the Sway Parish Council Meeting on 27 February 2014. The report was well received (see Sway News March 2014 page 50) and the recommendations accepted. Councillors and residents made some suggestions and after minor updates the final version is linked above.  For those without internet access hard copies will be available from the Sway Parish Office (Mon-Thu 09:30-13:00) and at Sway Newsagents and Sway Deli (with a request that to conserve paper, readers should please return the copy after they’ve consulted it).

So we are now urgently seeking suggestions for one or two exceptions sites that might in total be suitable for up to 15 small affordable housing units (say 1.5 acres total), and ask that any suggestions from residents and/or from willing landowners be sent to either or both: the Parish Clerk neilgulliver@btinternet.com and/or our Rural Housing Enabler catherine.kirkham@actionhants.org.uk or 01962 857362.

Suitable sites would normally be greenfield or backland sites large enough for between 6 and 15 units (including gardens and access) not too far from the Village Centre, and otherwise in accordance with NFNPA, NFDC and Sway Village Design Statement policies.  The selection will probably be discussed at the 29 May 2014 Sway Parish Council meeting.

Background notes on Sway Affordable Housing

The waiting list for affordable accommodation has increased in recent years as more and more people are unable to afford properties on the open market, due to increasing house prices and falling incomes. The current climate means that many people are struggling to find an affordable property.

The number of affordable rented council properties has reduced considerably since the introduction of the government’s ‘Right to Buy’ scheme. This has resulted in demand outstripping supply.

9% of the housing stock in Sway is owned by New Forest District Council or a Housing Association. This is low in comparison to the average for England where 18% of the housing stock is rented from the council or a housing association.

Sway Parish Council recognises that there is a need for affordable accommodation in Sway for local people on low and modest incomes. Following discussions with the Parish Council in August 2013, it was agreed that the Rural Housing Enabler at Community Action Hampshire would carry out a housing need survey of the parish. The aim was to determine whether or not there is a need for affordable housing for local people and smaller accommodation for residents who wish to downsize. The housing need survey was carried out in November 2013 for three weeks before the questionnaire return date.

Though most households are satisfied with their housing situation, the housing need survey identified a demonstrable unmet housing need from local people for affordable homes and smaller homes for downsizers.

Homesearch (join the waiting list) www.newforest.gov.uk/homesearch

If you or someone you know is in need of affordable rented housing in Sway it is important that you/they register on Homesearch.  It is in your/their interest to register as soon as possible. You can apply online through the link above. New Forest District Council (02380 285000) and Housing Services (02380 285234) can assist with your/their application.

Please also register on Homes in Hants if you/they are interested and eligible for Shared Ownership accommodation: https://www.homesinhants.co.uk/


Sway Affordable Housing